October 21, 2017

“Myspace Rapist” Gets The Maximum Possible Sentence

Add this to the already numerous reasons you should always background check people you meet online. A Pattern of Violent Behavior Jason Ara Erpinar, a 24-year-old man from Yorba Linda, California, was sentenced to 24 years in prison for raping three women, two of which he met on the social network Myspace. “The Myspace Rapist,” […]

Understanding The Personal Injury Process: Tips And Advice

It seems logical that you should be compensated for your injuries, but the truth is that there are many different factors at play. That is why you need to have some help. This article as well as Steinberg & Linn has the information you need to succeed with your case. When chronicling your accident, include […]

5 U.S. Cities with Serious Police Shortages

5 U.S. Cities with Serious Police Shortages Should America be worried about the lack of law enforcement officers patrolling the streets? For the past decade, there has been an increasing focus on police shortages and how the job may be losing widespread appeal. In fact, ABC News reports that the number of annual applicants for […]

What is Unlawful Search and Seizure?

The fourth amendment to the Bill of Rights in the United States requires a standard for all search and seizures that take place within the country’s boundaries. This particular amendment was created in order to stop random search and seizure methods by which there were no probable reasons to search the property. The fourth amendment […]

Animal Law

When citizens hear the word law, a variety of images including crime dramas and individuals being on trial for varying offenses may come to mind. However, law does not stop with human beings. Rather it can cover all different types of things including animals. As one may expect, there are various types of laws that […]

Traffic Cop Shares How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are completely avoidable. However, the catch is that you just have to not go over the speed limit. Unfortunately, that seems like a tough task to consistently follow through with. With that said, there are some tips and advice that drivers can listen to as ways to lower the risk of getting caught. […]

Mandatory Time Off Benefits Employers

There has been a lot of uproar these days about Federal and State politicians putting into law obligatory paid time off for sick employees. However despite the whining from politicians, the data has shown that paid sick leave doesn’t cost businesses money. In fact, businesses governed by new regulations are actually making higher profits than […]

How A Proficient IP Attorney Can Offer Help With Your Intellectual Property Issues

In an age when ideas are increasingly being used to mint money more than property or financial muscle, it is important to have all your options covered. Both individuals and companies are well advised to guard against infringement of their intellectual property rights in an increasingly globalized world. The following tips and tricks will aid you in your bid to get the most from your IP attorney.

Should I Record My Will?

Recording a will is not a legal requirement of creating a will, but it is a smart thing to do. Once a will has been stated or recorded, it can not be changed without the consent of its writer, the owner of the property to be shared. This is because of the fact that a […]

Law Advice: Dealing With A Personal Injury

Nobody wants to get injured, but if it happens, you must know when you’re owed justice from the party that caused your injury. You probably have a case if someone else caused your injured. These tips should help you along the way.