Estate Planning Attorney

Why would you need an estate planning attorney? Everyone comes to the point in their life when they realize they are not going to live forever, and they need to make arrangements for both themselves and their loved ones after they are gone. That can include what will happen to the possessions and finances you currently hold, what type of funeral arrangements would you like, and even specify what types of healthcare choices you would like made for you if you get to a point where you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.

To make sure all of this is done in a sound, legal way, you would need the assistance of an estate planning attorney.

What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney specializes in this area of life and can help you figure out the answers to all those questions that fit your life and needs the best. For instance, an estate planning attorney can aid you in ensuring your will and last specific needs and wants are phrased in the appropriate ways as there will no question after you go. They can also assist you in handling things like taxes and the probate process now to help minimize any issues for your loved ones later on, as well as getting in line all the different financial elements you may have in your life from stocks to bank accounts to life insurance policies. And they can just help answer questions that may sound silly to you, but need to be asked and answered.

Estate Planning Attorney

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

While you may think you do not need to do any type of estate planning, it is highly recommended to put in place how you want your possessions and finances handled after you pass away to help ensure it goes exactly where you want it to go and not just to the government. In actuality an estate planning attorney allows you to make sure everything you worked so hard for during your lifetime goes exactly where you want it to.

Finding an Estate Planning Attorney

Just like with any type of attorney, you want to ensure the estate planning attorney you hire to put in place your wishes after you go is a professional. You can begin your search for a Bay Area estate planning lawyer through professional organizations. For instance, the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has a section of free consumer resources on their Website,, which includes a complete listing of AAEPA members in your area. Another option is the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, whose Website also includes consumer information and a estate planning attorney search.

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