How Can a Small Business Lawyer Help You?

Starting a small business venture can be rewarding but there can be difficult times as well. During these times, a small business lawyer can assist in many ways. Although it is not required to keep one as a member of yourstaff, hiring a lawyer can be quite helpful for a few tasks. It is understood that attorneys are often expensive which is why many small business owners avoid them. However, those that need legal assistance or professional advice can really benefit from a trustworthy and skilled lawyer.

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Some of the key jobs in which a small business lawyer an be helpful include the following:

Business Start-Up

Before even beginning to build a company, it is important to consult with a legal professional first. A lawyer is quite helpful when asking about the best way for a company to be established. There are many options and it is easy to get lost in those selections especially for people that do not have enough information about what to expect and what is best for them. You can get answers on whether it is better to incorporate, choose a sole proprietorship, or set up a business partnership.

The decision may be different for everyone and it usually depends on the tax bracket, location, and type of business. For those that would like to choose to incorporate, it is sensible to have a legal pro perform all the necessary paperwork. It is also helpful to seek help from a lawyer when choosing a partnership because this needs to be carefully done especially at the beginning of a venture.

Office Space Leases and Other Contracts

Prior to signing a new lease for a workplace, it is always clever to consult an attorney and have him or her read the lease. This will help the client determine if there are biased points that many real estate companies try to get away with. These unfair clauses can be negotiated with the aid of a lawyer. For instance, there are real estate firms that demand their client to pay for damages caused by harsh weather conditions. This may sound absurd for some business owners however with a lawyer this can easily be changed.

Accidents and Liabilities

There may be unfortunate cases where a customer will sue a company because the individual slipped on the floor. This is a good time to seek legal counseling and assistance. It is important to ensure that liability insurance is available for the business at the time the company opened to cover the incident. If this is not the case, a lawyer may still be able to help by means of representing a client for both the insurance company and the litigant. An attorney will guarantee that the defendant will get a fair trial.

Collection of Debts

Some customers may not pay and there is nothing more intimidating for them than receiving a letter from a legal representative. Although this is actually a gentle approach to get things done better, a lawyer is the first step to a successful debt collection scheme. Before deciding to refer to a collection agency, an attorney can generate a few letters for their clients to communicate with customers that do not pay their debts. Hiring someone from a collection agency can be very expensive and there are times when asking for the help of a lawyer is more effective when nudging delinquent consumers to pay their debts.

Arguments and Disagreements

It is quite common for business partners to have a dispute with each other. There are also instances where a neighboring shop gets into a fight with a nearby store because of some disagreement. In other times, disputes with landlords, employees, and even a delivery company may arise. Regardless of the situation, a small business lawyer can be a great help to resolve the matter. It is not wise to battle any case alone.


Bankruptcy is what most businesses are afraid of and are trying to avoid. In the event that a particular company ends up on the path where the only option to exit is to declare bankruptcy, a lawyer is definitely a great helping hand. It is no secret that bankruptcy is a very complex process that is quite difficult both mentally and emotionally for the business owner. Therefore, a legal professional will help their clients get through the ordeal.

It is always a good idea to hire a small business lawyer even if meetings are quite rare or are performed only once a year. He or she can represent a company well and has the familiarity with the business to help the owner or manager if there are ever any impending problems. When something unexpected happens, there is someone to count on and call for guidance and support.

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